Freelance SEO Consultant Manchester, UK

10+ years experience with publishing and promoting websites.

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Ecommerce SEO

Talk to me about increasing organic visibility for shopping cart websites. Digital marketing for Magento, Prestashop, Opencart & Woocommerce.


Wordpress Marketing

Need help promoting your Wordpress powered website? Maybe you need help configuring your Wordpress SEO Plugins.

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National & Local SEO

I help businesses reach the audiences they need to connect with. Contact me for a chat about SEO Campaigns.

Freelance SEO Manchester, Birmingham & London

Give me a call or drop me an email, we'll arrange a convenient time to discuss how to improve your website rankings and visitor experience. I work freelance in the evenings and weekends. I predominantly cover Greater Manchester and the north west, however I also offer coverage throughout the UK, including Bristol, London and Birmingham.


SEO Professional

With thousands of Digital Marketing Companies out there it can be frustrating who to trust. Using me you only pay per-hour on improving your website online visibility (rankings) and increasing traffic the website.

Search Engines change their algorithms constantly so it is vital to stay on top of the latest changes that could affect a site's performance. That is why Crawl Rate only engage in the safest on-site and off-site SEO techniques, creating work that Google loves.

How Can I Help?

I will update your website with fresh relevant content on a monthly basis and attract links from authoritative websites. The more information and content we add to your website along with quality links, the more search terms (keywords) you will be found for and the more website visitors you will get.

Most of us know someone who has got burnt spending money on SEO. Let's work within your budget and show you consistent improvement, tracking clear returns on what you invest.

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Help and advice!
This section to help you to make a decision when choosing to hire a freelancer to help with promoting a business or website online.

Why Choose me to help with Digital Marketing?

  • In the UK alone, there are tens of thousands of SEO Consultants. All with varying degrees of professionalism, skillsets and knowledge. Very good SEO’s generally master a certain field of SEO such as; technical, ecommerce, analytics, outreach, content and local SEO.

    A simple analogy I can give is; think about a Mechanic! No single Mechanic is an expert in diagnosing and fixing problems with every car model and brand. That would be absurd, the SEO and digital marketing industry is very similar. Different goals and outcomes require different skillsets.

    For me, I’m constantly learning new methods and techniques. Back to the point of why hire me, I have been lucky to work as a full-time professional Search Engine Consultant for 6 years, with an additional few more years’ experience as a keen enthusiast promoting my own websites from around 2005.

How long does SEO take?

  • Firstly, there are a myriad of factors that impact SEO success — I first need to review your website and the local competition before working out how many hours per month are required. An initial three months plan is recommended at first. Month-to-month thereafter.

    SEO work can take a number of months to start bearing fruit although visibility improvements are usually seen within the first 4-8 weeks. It is not an overnight activity and needs a degree of patience whilst progress is established. Realistically I would recommend you aim to budget for 6 - 12 months. Consider watching the video I posted above.

Which areas do I cover? (Nationwide)

  • I'm a Bolton lad living and working in Manchester. I can offer my freelance SEO and Local Services throughout the UK, however I can only offer telephone and email for guidance, support and campaign updates. Most are generally fine with that.

    I can offer more interaction for businesses a bit more local to me, for example I can travel to premises or meet up in a coffee shop (or pub) with decent Wi-Fi anywhere in Greater Manchester. The following area's I know particular well; Bolton, Bury, Chorley, Preston, Wigan, Blackburn & Darwen, Stockport, Tameside, Traffic, Altrincham, Salford and Manchester.

    I also cover Lancashire and Cheshire, as mentioned most companies I have worked with are happy for telephone and email communication.

Do I provide PPC Management? (Yes)

  • One of the quickest and most effective ways to start generating revenue for a new website. I can set up your paid search (PPC) advertising with the right keywords and features to make sales at a budget that suits you.

    My approach is completely honest, open and transparent. If PPC is not the right strategy for you I will tell you. I take on all client work based on longevity with their business. I'm not going to recommend something If I believe it won't work.

How much do I charge? Prices

  • I charge £25 per hour, believe me that's very competitive and affordable within the SEO industry. A few other SEO's I know say I'm selling my services to cheap, maybe they are right.

    Minimum 5 hours per month - Five hours a month is more suited to small businesses with a bricks-and-morter shop or tradesmen or serve customers within a 5-10 mile radius.

    I recommend, 10 hours per month - Will certainly help any small to medium business on the path of achieving strong organic visibility. (increased enquiries, sales & calls)

    15+ hours per month - If your business sells on the Internet or provide services to a wider service area. Weekly fresh landing pages, content and links.

Benefits of SEO

  • Increased Traffic - First page results receive a majority of the impressions and clicks, so ranking in these top positions can result in significant traffic increases for your website.

  • Cost effectiveness - SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies because it targets users who are actively looking for your products and services online.

  • Brand Awareness - Since top position rankings result in significant impressions, having your website in these top positions on the result pages translates to more exposure for your website.

  • Reaching Audiences - A business that gets targetted organic traffic is like running an all-year-round advertising campaign, only it's cheaper.

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