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Tips for finding a trustworthly web hosting company

By | April 2, 2017

When it comes to web hosting for websites, you really do need web hosting that’s very fast and also has plenty resources to handle all the traffic from the visitors.

So today’s blog article will be about finding a good provider. I would like to say I have a good technical knowledge when it comes to web hosting, over the years I used many web hosting providers some good, some bad and some really bad.

There’s literally tens of thousands of web hosting companies on the Internet selling hosting packages and servers. It really can be a minefield to select a good web hosting provider, the problem is; how you can tell if they are good or bad hosting companies and can you trust them to keep your website running smoothly. I’m going to offer some advice from knowledge I’ve gained over the years dealing with dozens of web hosting providers.

I’m going to share with you a little secret, 80% of web hosting companies are 3rd party resellers. What I mean by that they don’t have their own hardware or datacentre, they hire equipment from larger hosting companies to resell to the public and businesses. If something bad was to happen to one of the servers, for example a hardware failure they are at the mercy of the larger hosting company to diagnose and find a solution. Which could take hours or even days for that matter, believe me it common, very common.

Tip number 1, Look for a web hosting company who own all their servers and hardware with technical support teams working 24/7. Why, well think if you operate an ecommerce website and the web server failed, you are likely to lose online sales. How many sales depends on how quick a server technician can rectify the issues and get your website back online.

Tip number 2, Age before beauty by that I mean look for a web hosting provider that’s been around for a few years or longer. Well established hosting providers are probably going to have their shit together and run a well managed company with good knowledgeable staff and server technicians. Hundreds of fly-by-night hosting companies start-up every month, most don’t last a year and those that do grow slowly. You will find newer hosting companies tend to attract customers by offering really amazing hosting packages and rock bottom prices that are unsustainable. Additionally they are usually one man bands hiring hardware from larger providers, they probably don’t offer around the clock fault detection and support neither. So my point is look for web hosting companies that have been established for a few years or longer. Ask questions if you need too or look up who runs the company, plus you can also check whois records.

Tip number 3, my last tip would be check out reviews from people who use the hosting company. Don’t use the reviews website (example, trustpilot etc) that the provider recommends, they are paid for services and can be manipulated. Bad reviews are hidden or removed. I would recommend you search on Google for reviews, try a few websites to read lots of reviews.

There you have it, those are my tips for finding a hosting provider who you can trust with your business websites. If you have any tips yourself feel free to add them in the comments below.

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