Freelance SEO Consultant Manchester, UK
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I create websites that are responsive, mobile and tablet friendly. I'm passionate about helping businesses improve or establish online presence by creating a professional website aimed at their target market all for an affordable price.

Fast Loading Built with passion Free Weekly Backups Business Emails Domain Included HTTPS Secured
Starting at £399, find out more
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Increasingly customers start their search for services and products online from their laptop or more often on their tablets and smart phones. With our experience and expertise in Search Engine Optimisation, we can help so that the first website they find is yours.

I charge £35 per hour, believe me that's very competitive and affordable within the SEO industry. A few other SEO's I know say I'm underselling my services, maybe they are right.

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Need help with your website or website marketing? I can help, drop me a line. You can contact via phone, text, social media or email.

I work on a freelance basis meaning we overload on work, we take on projects and campaigns we can handle. I have slots to take on another 4-5 web development projects. Ihave capacity to take on few more online marketing campaigns.

Call or email me, evening and weekends are the best time to call. Text or email anytime.

Mobile/SMS: 07821 170 682
Landline: 0161 883 2249

Transparent pricing

You can hire me per hour or get a fixed price quote on a project.

Static site from: £399
Wordpress site from: £495
Shopping site from: £895
Hourly £35 per hour